Investigating the life of things across space and time

(acipenser sturio)

A scrooning day, kettering with shivered sound
Clouds wetten rain between storm hollow brewwen,
Blue-knuckled men all nointy old bound
Pig scrannel sails, blenched bellyforth hewen

Lake lapping blank in cold spleening wan
Hailstones cough scoffig boot-walloping balk,
Gulls quaver huff haw in howlhall gone
Scattle rime catcalls as fish floodeth awk.

Stirrer pilfered from wither waves of cusping plash,
Razorstrop head up, a hoarful brugg rile
Of fluted burnish, sonsy gaunt isinglass,
Aye smirry glisten, luscious fat glutton isle

A scrooning day, kettering with shivered sound
Stramesh throwen screeching purls down ice ground
Caviar in unctuous clots gobbled up clarty-pound
In brous we chow gliffy, till all telephant round.

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Cleaning: a pair of white gloved hands in prayer against a black background


The old fart in Room 17 is becoming a problem. He does it even when his wife’s on the terrace, sweating, counting her rosaries. Clack-clack. Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Ah, Mamma, what would you say if you could see me now? Four stringy children and a fat pig of a husband who belches triumphantly after every meal and snores all night. Clack-clack-clack.

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Cold dish: Against a black background, two white gloved hands appear to be strangling an invisible object

Cold Dish

Dispatch by decapitation:
A heavy-spined knife
to sever her neck,
slit open her belly, belly.
Remove the guts quickly
and set aside her head,
fins swimming back to the sea;
mouth gasping, gasping.

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