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Star mapping

At dusk we walked into the forest with reflective materials and torches, plotting the night sky through the trees.

Collaboration between Sarah Gillett and Luke Harby (2018-2019)
Made possible by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

Featured in 2020 by Inside the Outside, a landscape photography collective mediating the liminal space between the world before us and within

Star Mapping

At the end of May 2018 I delivered a workshop at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

‘Parts Unknown’ attempted to bring the stars down into Fermyn Woods County Park in Northamptonshire, allowing participants to discover the mysterious and infinite through shadow and illumination.

At dusk we walked into the forest with reflective materials and torches, plotting the night sky through the trees. I asked the artist Luke Harby to document the constellations that we made in the forest at night. 

In October 2019 Luke and I travelled again to the forest in order to revisit and build on the previous year’s work. These are the results.

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PACK: A person in a blue hoodie on a bicycle looks behind them to see hundreds of dogs chasing them through a wide, empty city street


The dogs in south London are running. One of the big ones slows down as it passes me and I step back as its nose swerves into my crotch, waving my arms as though that would make any difference. If it were really hungry it would just eat me but I get a face full of hot meaty air and it’s a lucky day.

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Drawloom (Diagram for an artwork): Monumental fragments of landscape stand in a room.

Drawloom: Diagram for an Artwork (2014-2015)

Installation of glitches in landscape. Tiny fragments of tapestry are scaled up to monumental proportions, creating a pixelated, textural environment. This is a space where the real and the not-real exist together. Visitors are invited to read from books of interconnected short stories and inhabit this world.

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Mantle: neon green background with a figure standing, a black cloth thrown over their head and body, with sky blue hose and black shoes. A strong black shadow extends from the feet out to the bottom edge of the image

Mantle (2016)

As if standing in front of a green screen this mysterious figure invites us to imagine a space in which anything is possible.

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