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Star mapping

At dusk we walked into the forest with reflective materials and torches, plotting the night sky through the trees.

Collaboration between Sarah Gillett and Luke Harby (2018-2019)
Made possible by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

Featured in 2020 by Inside the Outside, a landscape photography collective mediating the liminal space between the world before us and within

Star Mapping

At the end of May 2018 I delivered a workshop at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art

‘Parts Unknown’ attempted to bring the stars down into Fermyn Woods County Park in Northamptonshire, allowing participants to discover the mysterious and infinite through shadow and illumination.

At dusk we walked into the forest with reflective materials and torches, plotting the night sky through the trees. I asked the artist Luke Harby to document the constellations that we made in the forest at night. 

In October 2019 Luke and I travelled again to the forest in order to revisit and build on the previous year’s work. These are the results.

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Nin: Pencil drawing of a bird woman with a long neck, her wings flapping as though she has just landed

Nin (2008-2012)

For Nin, poor Nin. For Nin neither.

So much for you to hear and fear, that owl hoot and dog bark is not for you. Come out from under your wing soft down. You are needed.

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Well Well: a dark nook surrounded by rocks, coral and sea anemones

Well Well (2014)

Down, down, down she went. Could not stop herself falling…

This audio collage is constructed from 20 versions of the ‘well scene’  in audiobooks of Alice in Wonderland. It is not about Alice, but is an exploration of falling and feelings in sound.

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Trace: two sets of arches, one in a pale sandy stone with overgrown ivy and the other, identical in outline but a flat black silhouette, sitting on a mid-grey linen canvas. The outlines of three greyhounds are stitched in white thread, leaping through the arches

Trace (2016)

I wanted to create a work that used just a few very strong elements to show the power of a repeated shape. I drew this grid over Uccello’s painting to reveal his mastery of perspective and as the starting point for Trace.

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Cloud chorus: flower shape in green and yellow

Cloud chorus (2010)

A collage audio piece recorded live on my phone at a gathering in a flat in Hackney. I handed out sections of a landscape poem that I had written to the group of women who had assembled and we sat on the floor in a circle.

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