Investigating the life of things across space and time

Hest Bank

Where there are invisible islands
coins, plates and bicycles wash up
In the distance my father
raises a hand to his fishing cap
A group of cockle-pickers waves,
wading through water.
I shout into the wind.
Siren wails fill the bay as
the bore tide gallops in
My father points out a heron,
swallows flying overhead.
The sand wobbles underfoot and

I raise a fish to my father as
a siren wearing a cap
gallops past on a bicycle,
A bored heron
with coins for eyes
hands over flies on a plate.
Islands become water,
waves bring the tidings in
Wind shouts into me.
A whale swallows the bay,
cockles fill a distant point
and a pickled head rolls along the sand.

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Flint: A pair of white gloved hands holding an invisible rock between them, against a black background


Teller 1: They are throwing stones again. The siren pulses through the streets, bouncing off the buildings almost as loudly as the glassy meteorites that cannot be cut or drilled by any material other than their own.

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Slip: Against a fluorescent orange backdrop, a painted figure with blue hose and a dark green tunic falls headlong into a black hole

Slip (2016)

Falling is an uncontrollable action. When we fall (over, apart, in love, asleep) we become vulnerable; quarry. Caught between spaces this figure falls headfirst and downwards.

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Flint nodules: photograph of a striated flint pebble with grey, orhange and cream streaks, against a black background

Flint (2017-ongoing)

Flint nodules are trace fossils; positive casts of negative spaces once filled with organic life. In this series of photographs taken in my lap on beaches in Great Britain flint pebbles become asteroids hurtling through space.

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