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Black night (1996)

4-track audio recording; 7.17 mins; written and recorded by Sarah Gillett

I made this piece on an analogue 4-track and cassette tape, so it’s a bit hissy. In the years since I made it I have thought about cleaning it up, but it was the first audio work I made and I like the slightly distant voices. If you can, then it’s really meant to be listened to in the dark, with the volume up. It starts quiet but gets louder as it goes on. The voices are me and a friend, and we performed each track in a single, real time take that we then mixed onto tape.

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Uganda is hot and dark. Late into the December night we sit on planks in the back of a stripped out land rover. We are driven faster than our bodies would like, the speed rattling my bones, teeth, brain, recording equipment.

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